Racing down the river…

No, not an actual river (although, honestly, that sounds kind of nice).

I can’t decide if it’s the river of time, or of life, although honestly, those are pretty similar when you stop and think about it. What I’m trying to get at is that I feel like I am hurtling through life right now, swept along by the urgency of getting all the things done before the semester starts.

It’s enough more challenging than usual this year, since I spent the last 2 weeks of July blissfully engaged in the online course I was taking. I disconnected from pretty much everything else that was going on, and just did the bare minimum to get by. And it was lovely.

But since I returned to real life, well, it’s been nonstop, and top speed.

I know this happens to everyone at different points in the year; it just so happens to be my turn. And I know this happens every year – so it shouldn’t surprise me, but it does. Every year. So why am I surprised? Why does it take me off guard – every year – even though I know that it is coming?

I’ve been stymied in my attempts to do my morning reading – currently in the middle of an Alan Lightman book for my AM reading (I try to pick something with a bit more depth than I read in the evenings). I’ve gotten back in the habit of jumping right into emails as soon as I open my computer. I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog, and my own attempts to help myself through these stressful periods of life.

So it’s time to reset. Just a bit. The semester will be on me soon enough. But you know what? The 20 minutes I take to read in the morning, the opportunity to come and share my thoughts here – those are too important to me to just throw them out because life is “busy”. Life is always going to be busy. It’s time to recalibrate things a bit and remember that yes, work is important, but so is life.

I think I’ve shared this one before, but it still rings true…

Be over DO Headline

One of the best things about the blogosphere – and, particularly, the blogs I choose to read – is that it reminds me that there is a whole wide world out there, and there are a lot of ways in being in the world that differ from my way of being in the world. I learn so much from those who just do things differently. So if you’re reading, I probably read your blog too. And I just wanted to say thanks for reminding me to look up, to look around, and to maybe consider that a slightly different approach will not only be better for me, but it won’t keep me from getting where I want and need to be.

Off to get this Monday started…

6 thoughts on “Racing down the river…

  1. I think stressful periods – although they come regularly – always come as if they’re unexpected. I’m happy to not have so many of such periods anymore, but some of my camera club commitments are like that. If it’s possible to take short moments just to breathe and do something just for pleasure, that helps.
    Glad to see you can take some time to write now and then.

    1. I think you’re right, Susanne. No matter if I see the writing on the wall – the stressful periods always hit harder than anticipated. I think my tendency is to believe that I can head them off, by working harder and harder and just trying to keep ahead of everything. It so rarely works! And yes, absolutely yes, to taking short moments to breath and do something that I enjoy. It’s one reason my tea-and-book routine in the evening is sacred. I hope you are doing well – I know you’ve been having your own stressed, stretched-thin periods, too.

  2. Anne, I love the connections through the blogosphere (and so thankful to have found you – or that you found me – I forget ;)) and that we’re able to share pieces of our lives with each other and with that pieces of our souls/minds. <3

    1. I know, I love it too! I especially appreciate having found a relatively tight core group of people whose blogs are definitively in my “Favorites” feed, and whose writing I prioritize reading (even though I’m chronically behind on all of those, too…). I also love that when I see someone comment on YOUR blog, I either a) know of them already, or b) think that it’s probably someone whose blog I’d like to read too. And I’ve rarely been wrong. It’s so similar to how “real life” friendships grow – shared interests and perspectives, with enough that differs to make life interesting. (And hey, it’s usually an opportunity to learn, too! :>)

  3. My husband and I had conversations last year about almost this same exact thing, except for us we felt like till that point we were floating along in a river and just going whatever direction it was taking us (aka taking the easy route in life) instead of figuring out our own path. That’s kind of what inspired us and started us on this new journey of moving states and hopefully feeling more like we’re controlling our own destiny. Right now I feel like I just got out of that urgent period of flying down the river (getting everything ready to move, selling our house, finding a new place, getting settled in, etc) but finally starting to feel settled and like the river ahead is relaxing 🙂 I hope you’ll feel that way soon too!

    1. OK, that’s really cool that you took it on yourselves to find some faster water (so to speak) and shift the direction of your lives (not to mention the location of your home!). I’ve done the same thing multiple times in my life – thank you for reminding me how important it is to remember the role I have in navigating my own life, and choosing my own path. I do have a post idea brewing on major changes I’ve made in my life – and those I’d make again, and those I would not. There’s a big one that I regret, and yet… I also know that I would not be here without making that major misstep. Enjoy your new path (or, rather, current!).

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