“…life is one continuous mistake.” Zen Dogen

And, there is freedom in imperfection.

Something I struggle with every. single. day. is my persistent perfectionism.

If I can’t do it right, why would I do it at all?

And yet, somehow, the job, the profession, the calling that most suits me is one in which failure occurs more than success.

I’m going to fail a lot more in this life than I’m going to succeed.

But I persist. I keep on. I know that what I study is valuable – it’s unique – and it’s important. The key is finding the words, the images, the arguments, really, to help others see that (and then give me money to help me do what I want to contribute…ha).

I’m really, really good at reminding others they don’t need to be perfect. And that mistakes are a part of life.

I need to be a bit better at it myself. I like to think that slowly, every day, I’m getting a bit closer.

And now off to (another) drippy day in a long string of them. But… at least it’s not snow?