Chaos, peace, and reason

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This is sort of a statement about my current perspective on our world, and particularly our own “president” and the unfolding impeachment saga. 
But it’s also about the chaos in my own life and my need for peace and reason. It’s an insane time of year for me – the nuttiest month in my year, with grants due, teaching, guest lectures, and other responsibilities (that I want!) being added to my plate.
It’s a lot. 
And with all the outside chaos, I really need and want peace and reason at home. And I have that – in my own space. But in my relationship, I don’t have that. I have chaos in my personal life that quite frankly I don’t want or need right now. 
So I’m seeking peace… and hoping to find it. I know that I’ll make it through the month work-wise. That’s kind of non-negotiable. But having to navigate the personal chaos in addition to that is a lot. 
Hoping to gain some peace the next few days, as hopefully a few things come to a resolution, whatever that is.