Ditching the worry…and shifting to the light.

The more we worry, the more worry becomes habitual…our repetitive concerns have the potential to become the soundtrack of our lives. Calm Challenge 2019 – Day 19 meditation – Tamara Levitt, Calm.com

Because it’s a funny thing about our ability to project the future. You have complete choice. You can see all life leading inevitably to darkness & despair as equally as you can pop up every morning ready to welcome everything as new adventure when it comes along. Brian Andreas, flyingedna.com

I am trying to shift to seeing the light, to welcome new adventures, to open myself up to new possibilities, and yet, I feel pulled back into the worries and the anxiety. It’s been home for so long…shifting that foundation is like moving a house. It’s something I’ve come back to time and time again. Trying to move beyond the constant worry and perseverating, and dwelling on things that I cannot change. Repeating others’ words in my head – even when they are one-offs and I can’t even remember who said them. The negative soundtrack in my head. The persistent belief that I am less than, not worthy, and that I should fade into the background and make myself invisible. 
And yet… it’s a process. A day at a time. A minute at a time. 
I can do this. 
I can do hard things. 
It takes time. 
It takes perseverance. 
But I am nothing if not stubborn – nothing if not determined. 

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