Black Dog on My Shoulder

I think that was in A Wrinkle in Time? but maybe not…The Google isn’t coming up with it. Regardless, I’m in a mood this morning. We had wonderful thunderstorms last night. But this morning, it’s windy and chilly and cloudy. And I’m grumpy.

And it occurred to me, for all of my griping and angst and worry about last Thursday-Friday-Saturday, and getting out of my routine, and doing things that I don’t typically do… it was three wonderful days with my people.

People who speak my language.
People who get me.
People with whom I don’t have to explain everything.

Even better, it was my work people and my family. So I had three wonderful days where I felt like I belonged.

Then yesterday, in a fit of unproductivity (apparently that is not a word, but go with me here…) I completely lost all the good feelings that I had built up.

It was time I didn’t know I needed.
A break I didn’t know I needed.

Time to reset. Sigh. I did cancel my 9 am off-campus meeting, so that will help. I need to get to it today. Break out of the rut. Get, ahem, stuff done. (Not exactly what I wanted to say…) I don’t need to hit it out of the park today, but I need to at least get a hit.

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