I’ve never liked yellow, but…

I found this quote recently: “It’s not as if one day you’ll just look down and discover that you’re on the yellow brick road, living the life of your dreams. But that one day you’ll look back and discover you always were.”

Unfortunately, I don’t remember from which email newsletter blast I received it, but it spoke to me this morning. A reminder that sometimes the path does appear, but it just takes longer, and may look a little different, from the path we had planned. 
This is a common theme with me, but it’s starting to feel as though I am on the right path. 
I just feel good – in all aspects of my life – right now. And wow, what an amazing feeling. 
Now, it’s not that I’m thrilled with everything – the wider world still troubles me, particularly our politics, our divisions, and (quite frankly) our current “leader”. 
But I hope – I don’t pray, so I can’t do that – but I do hope we have realized just how important all of our voices are, and the path that we are on as a country will shift back to being one that I am proud to walk on.
My personal path, though, is becoming clearer, and smoother, and (ha) flatter. There will still be potholes, I’m sure. Missing bricks. Sections missing. But to finally land on the path I’m meant to be on provides a more stable foundation than I have had in a long time. 
Now it’s time to put it to good use – moving forward, while remembering what came before. 

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