Discombobulation and gratitude

Such an odd combo, I know.

I’ve been so discombobulated all week. Seriously askew in my life and routine. Tired. Fried. Yet anxious about taking another week off.

And so I know that to recombobulate, focusing on my gratitude and joys of the week will help.

So here goes.. a few things I am grateful for, and that brought me joy.

1. Three herons walked across the street to work yesterday. No, seriously. I had to stop and take a photo. It was unreal. I’m sure they were just off on an adventure, but it made me smile.

2. My office was warm for the first time in a long, long time.

3. We got upgraded for our flight tomorrow.

4. I ran the longest I have in a long time on Wednesday, and it felt so good. I was finally in the zone.

5. I get to see my niece and nephew tomorrow. It’s always too long, and then they grow and change and I desperately want them to still love Dora, but I also love the adults they are becoming.

6. Good feedback on my grant draft so far. Yay.

7. New babies.

8. A clean bathroom.

9. Sunshine and lovely midsummer weather.

10. Meetings with students. They are seriously awesome.

11. New hiking shoes that I kind of love. They’re springy. It’s so fun to walk in them!

12. Getting pulled into a new book.

The best sign in the Milwaukee Airport. ☺

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