Comfortable and familiar

Sometimes, I just want a break from evolving and changing. 
Sometimes it’s the comfortable, the familiar, that is what I need more. 
I think our constant focus these days on growth, self-awareness, challenging ourselves…sometimes, we just need a break. And that’s okay. It’s okay to turn to the familiar and comforting when change gets scary, when it all becomes too overwhelming, too much. 
Sometimes there are too many changes in too many facets of our lives. And you know what? Stepping away – just for a bit, not forever – can be the best way to move forward. 
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking that may wind up changing my life substantially. 
And that means that I have been seeking comfort – in old, favorite foods. In comfy clothes. In being around people who make comfortable, situations I prefer. 
I’ll keep growing, keep changing… but I’m still going to turn to the familiar to help nourish that growth. 

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