Changes…seasonal and otherwise…

This week, fall came. 
Literally overnight. It was 80+ and swampy outside on Monday. This morning, I lamented the fact that I did not have my gloves and scarf (admittedly, I like to wear these earlier than most thanks to some circulation problems I have…). In a week, I’ve gone from long-sleeved t-shirts to fleece.
And of course I sense that there are changes coming in other areas of my life. My father’s having some relatively major medical issues. My parents are cleaning out their house. I’m contemplating where I am in my relationship and whether that has as much of a future as I thought. I am continuing to clean out my apartment, donating items that I no longer use or want. 
I love stability, but sometimes shaking it up (well, except for the medical issues) is so needed. Deep cleaning, reconsidering where we are in life, our habits, expectations, and routines. 
I know that some elements of my life will not change, but… it certainly seems like others will. Here’s to seeing what’s over the horizon as autumn shifts to winter… but hopefully not next week. 
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