Do you ever realize something, have a thought or even a revelation of sorts, and then…the universe conspires to make you realize that yes, this is where you should be, this is what you should be thinking… ?

It happened to me yesterday.
I’ve been thinking – and writing, in my personal journal – about how who I was led to who I am. How as much as I sometimes want to go back – back to when life was, well, a bit easier, I can’t.
And I actually don’t want to, now that I think about it.

The past is viewed with hindsight, those lovely rose tinted glasses of nostalgia.
And yet, there were things that drove me crazy about the life I was living then.
Those things that drove me crazy put me on the path to who I am now.

Who I was is who I am… those elements of me that I miss now? They’re still in me. They’re not lost – they’re simply serving as the building blocks for who I am now.

So, thinking all of this, and pondering about it most of the weekend, and… then I got Oprah’s newsletter in my email yesterday. (Yes, I know, but really – sometimes there are good ideas or articles linked in there!)

And this was the quote – from the Buddha, no less – that was in the image at the top of the newsletter…

Synergy. You gotta love it.

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