Random Morning Thoughts

So many random thoughts going through my head… I think it’s time to dump them (in no particular order) out. Otherwise, I won’t have room for any of the innumerable things on the actual to-do list…

  • I really need to purge my bookshelves and closet and be ruthless. I have books I’ve owned for years and probably will never read. They’re, well, kind of aspirational reads. I’d LIKE to read them, but I honestly never make the time. I’m probably not going to, to be honest. There are so many newer books I am enjoying, and my reading time is limited as it is.
  • But not as limited as it was! Gosh, I love my iBooks app. I can read something while wandering the halls at work, heating up my lunch, riding the bus, etc., and then pick it up again that evening. It’s amazing how many pages you can get through while doing other things that just take a bit of time.
  • I think I’m on news overload. I’m obsessed with – and really worried about – the presidential election. I don’t think I can take it if the current wannabe is reelected. I don’t know if our democracy will survive. It’s scary and uncertain and those are two of my least favorite things. 
  • Also scary and uncertain? My relationship. Sigh. I need to move forward there but, well, inertia sometimes overtakes me when I don’t want to make a decision fraught with emotion and all sorts of downstream implications. I know it’s not meant to be easy, but.. it’s taking up a lot of brain and emotional space right now. 
  • I had a weird stress dream about a guest lecture I’m to give tomorrow. Very weird. I do this all the time – not sure why I’m stressed? 
  • I’m ready for spring. The birds are starting to chirp in the morning, which is lovely. Now, time for the sun to come out! 
  • I am seriously considering canceling a work trip in a few weeks thanks to coronavirus and the fact that I have to see an immunocompromised family member the next week. I hate to do it, but… I don’t want to spend all this money to attend the meeting and then be worried the whole time – and distracted – because I’m trying not to get sick. 
  • There is nothing like a hot cup of tea in the morning. Nothing. Ditto at night. I live for my tea. 
  • I also stopped drinking coffee last summer and… I still don’t miss it? Weird. I drank it for years. 
OK, that’s enough for now. Oh, one more:
  • There is a teeny tiny jade plant in my office that I got from someone here at work. I have never watered it. Ever. And yet, it continues to grow. I’m sure there’s some deep wisdom in there somewhere, but meanwhile, I’m in awe of its ability to seemingly get nourishment from the air. I’m reluctant to repot it in fear of halting its progress. 
Wow. This was really, really random. Sorry for that. Please do move on… if you made it this far! 

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