Friday randomness

I don’t have a quote for this one… but I do have a lot of random thoughts in my head. Things I’d share with a roommate / significant other, you know, if I had one living with me.

And that brings me to the first random thought, actually.
1. I’m not a very touchy-feely person. At all. I don’t know (or remember, if I’ve ever done the test) my love language, but I can tell you without question that it is not physical touch. I don’t mind a good hug – but only from certain people. I don’t crave physical contact, as a general rule.


I’ve been self-isolating (and isolated, honestly) since March 13. It’s now June 12. I think we can all do the math… three months, without another person I know well anywhere near me. I haven’t shared my space – and I am grateful for that, honestly. But even I am starting to think that, you know? It would be nice to get a hug. The problem? I’m also struggling with a lot of anxiety around doing more, getting out more, seeing people. I know I’m going to need to start small, but even breaking out of my current routine to go to a store that’s not an essential store is really hard (I still haven’t done it). I should probably just rip the band aid off and do it.

It makes me wonder what I will do when and if I am able to see my mother in law, or my spouse. I have a feeling it’s going to be a rather anxiety provoking moment for me.

Which relates to…

2. I took the enneagram test, which I know is a more popular “personality” test these days. Recommended by my therapist (it’s a long story). I haven’t read the details, but I think I’m primarily a 6? And maybe a 1? Anyway -the key word that keeps jumping out at me for one of my types is the word “anxious”. And yes, that would be me. I’m interested to see how it frames that anxiety, though. Is it something I can use to grow? I certainly hope so.

3. I have new upstairs neighbors.
They are noisy.
I am not happy.
I don’t know what they are rolling across the floor, but it’s LOUD and they were doing it at 12:30 am. As in, half an hour after midnight.
They also stomp.
I’ve been patient, but they’ve been here 2 weeks now. Time to settle down and get some freaking rugs. I plan on saying something to the apartment manager today. Sigh.
Yes, I’m “that” tenant, apparently.

4. There is a car packed with random stuff – looks like someone is moving? – that has been parked outside my apartment for the last 3 weeks. I cannot figure it out.

5. My niece graduates from high school today. Virtually. Which means that, for once, I can actually participate in one of her milestone events. What sucks is that her senior year has, well, completely sucked. She’s amazing, though – has been baking up a storm and really impressing the heck out of all of us with her patience and ability to just roll with it. I am so insanely proud of her – and I cannot believe she is heading to college next year. I don’t have kids of my own, and I just love seeing how she and her brother have matured into really excellent people. It makes me so hopeful for the future.

And that seems to be the end of my random thoughts…

I know this is making the rounds, but it resonated with me and maybe it will with you, too…

3 thoughts on “Friday randomness

  1. I had not seen that quote but I love it! We do need to change. Maybe 2020 is the wake-up call we needed.

    I took an Enneagram test too. I always forget my number(s), but I think I am a 3. And maybe a 7 too. I will have to go back and take another look. I wonder what I am supposed to do with that information.

  2. I hope the noisy neighbor issue is resolved soon so you can get some peace and quiet :). Sending good vibes your way for the thoughts of being around others again.

    Congrats to your niece on graduating, I can't imagine how tough it is for high school seniors right now missing all those milestones that feel so important at the time.

  3. Aaaw I understand the problem with the neighbours. This is (at least partially) why we want to buy our own house and live in the country. I want peace and quiet. In Sweden we lived near a family with small kids and one of them sounded like a screeching door. He screamed every awake second. Now my worst nightmare is that our current neighbours will sell the house to someone with kids.
    Good luck with everything.

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