Freight trains and fire hoses

I’m not sure what metaphor to use for the last few weeks… whether it’s been a freight train or a fire hose hitting me. 

Personally, professionally, politically…there is just so much. And sometimes it feels like too much. I try to remember that others have lived through times like these – times when the disasters keep coming, one after the other, but that only brings so much comfort when I bury myself in the news and find myself despairing of things ever turning out okay.

If this sounds like I’m not okay – don’t worry, I am. I’m not in the pits of despair (although I may have come close this weekend, with the news of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death…). But it is just, well, a lot. 

Things have really taken off with the semester and keeping up with readings, classes, commenting on posts, and grading assignments has taken up a large part of my time. 

Dealing with personal relationship issues and trying not to push them off to the side because, well, I can. (I’m guilty of trying to avoid these issues sometimes…) 

Trying to remain connected to those who support me and give me strength, and recognizing that this is essential to my well-being (vs. just taking time away from everything else). Remembering to email those who have many more challenges than I do. 

And then, well, the national disasters. I said I don’t like to get into politics but at this point in 2020, it’s impossible not to. 

200,000 dead. One of the worst responses to a pandemic in the developed world. Unnecessary death and suffering and difficulties for families across the countries. Fires raging out of control. So many hurricanes and tropical storms that we’re into the Greek alphabet. An illegitimate president (sorry, it’s my stance) doing everything he can to hang on to power to continue his destruction of our democracy, aided and enabled by the worst possible political allies and sycophants. The death of a feminist icon, a Supreme Court justice who stood for women’s rights, voting rights, and well, human rights, likely to be replaced by an ideological opposite who makes me worry for the future we are leaving our children. 

It’s just. so. much. And yet, I know we’re not the first country to go through things like this (I originally wrote “challenges” but that’s much too wishy-washy a term for everything going on). And I try to remember, as the inimitable Leonard Cohen said… “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” 

Perhaps the cracks in our society, in our world, and in our personal lives that have opened in 2020 are providing the means by which we will move into a more enlightened future. I can only hope – it’s what I have left. 

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