“Do not overlook the little joys.” ~ Hermann Hesse

That may seem to be an odd quote to put at the beginning of a post on juggling all of the various… things… that life throws at us on a daily basis. But it does remind me that, even in the midst of trying to keep what seems like 15 balls in the air, there are little joys. 

I worked all weekend, again, which has been my “normal” for the past … 3? weekends? I think? It’s that time of year, and like I always do, I took on too much. Sigh. This is my chronic problem. I love what I do -but sometimes I just, well, say yes a bit too much. But I’d rather say yes to most of these opportunities than no, so… yeah. It’s a challenge. 

Yet there were small joys in the day yesterday … a text from my mother while she and my dad were hiking with my brother and his family. Pictures from my dad from said hike. Funny texts in reply from my brother and SIL. Music in the morning. Making a batch of granola. Little things that made me smile throughout the day, even when I wondered how I’d get it all done. (Spoiler: One thing isn’t *quite* done, and I’m in no way prepared for the week, but…) 

So I’m trying to remind myself to look for these little joys, even in the middle of the annoyances and frustrations of daily life. A good message – a good reminder – always.

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