Joy and Light

I am not a religious person, but grew up celebrating Christmas. I’ve always found solace in the pause that occurs from Christmas to New Year’s… that break before we all take a deep breath and plunge into the new year, with all its possibilities.

I’m missing that this year – I don’t decorate, since it’s just me and I don’t really see the point. I get my fill of Christmas when I visit my parents, who still put up a large (now-artificial) tree, play Christmas music all month, and just generally go all out. I never felt like I needed to because, well, I always get it from them. Oh, I’ve had trees in the past, and played my own music, but, well, there’s something about being in the home where I grew up, where time seems to stand still.

And I don’t have that this year, of course. Like so many, my travel plans have been stymied. But… but but but. I have not lost someone close to me to the scourge that is COVID-19. I have not experienced the unimaginable losses that so many are dealing with this holiday season.

So while I’m sad that I won’t get my usual Christmas “fix”, and I miss my family terribly, I’m also grateful to be able to stay in my safe home, and cobble together some semblance of Christmas for myself. I’ll virtually connect with my family (as we do every week). I’ll seek my own joy and light.

Finding the joy and light where I am… seems like a good thing to continue, doesn’t it? I hope you are able to find joy and light in your life right now. As awful as this year has been for so many, perhaps sending it out with joy, light, and peace is a way to turn the page. To move forward, into what I hope is a brighter future.

4 thoughts on “Joy and Light

  1. Have you ever tried those YouTube channels with the fake fireplace and Christmas music?? If not, check it out! Just search “fireplace Christmas music” and a million options will pop up. They are SO BEAUTIFUL. There’s even one where you can watch a little dog and kitty curled up together in front of the fireplace! haha. I think you said you don’t have a fireplace and it sounds like you don’t have a Christmas tree. I think this would be an awesome option for you, on either your computer screen or stream it to your TV and read a book next to it! 🙂

    1. This is an awesome suggestion! Unfortunately, I didn’t think to do this on Christmas. 🙁 Instead I broke my usual silence by listening to Christmas and holiday music on Christmas day and yesterday. I don’t know if you listen to sacred Christmas music (I do, despite my lack of religious affiliation… a carry over from my youth…), but if you do, try searching for “Christmas at Luther 2020” on YouTube. I’m biased, as I know people who have gone to that school, but their College musical groups really are outstanding.

  2. This Christmas, even more than in a usual year, I am so thankful for technology that lets us connect virtually with our loved ones.

    I also second Grateful Kae: fake TV fireplace + Christmas music = immense source of joy this holiday season 🙂

    1. Technology has made all the difference, hasn’t it? I can’t believe my father can now schedule a Zoom call – and even share his screen! I can’t imagine going through this 10 years ago… I think I might still have had a Blackberry then! Ha. And a definite YES to the Christmas music, even if I missed out on the fake fireplace this year. Next year!

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