Monday Morning Musings

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers use the “Currently” approach to outline what’s on their minds, or going in their lives. Since I can never quite follow the rules exactly – either a strength or a weakness, depending on one’s point of view – here’s my Monday morning look into what’s going on in my brain (always a scary place) and life in general.

Currently, I am…

Happy… that my parents are on their long-awaited beach trip this week. They have been looking forward to this for months. They go with another family – a big one – every year and they rent the same place, eat lots of food, go to the beach, and just relax. They need this so badly, and I’m so glad they’re finally there… even if it means I have to suffer through texts that will make me envious all week.

Grateful… that the family member who had the health issue is rapidly improving. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Baffled… by learning that people apparently move with UPS these days? It’s move in season in my apartment complex. That’s what you get when you’re in a University town with a large academic medical center. July 1 is when residencies and fellowships in medicine start. So it’s a huge time of turnover around here, which is great for my people-watching habit. Anyway, I saw this when I went to the package room one day:

That’s the package room and the hallway outside. Yikes. When I went to tell the apartment managers, they told me that people are moving with UPS. Can you fathom how expensive that must be? I was completely baffled. Completely.

Looking forward to… the end of July. I have a two-week intensive online course at the end of the month that I take as often as I can (in person, if possible, of course it’s virtual this year…). I love it, and cannot wait to learn more about my favorite topic.

Feeling… a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I have not one, but two coffee dates, this week. Yikes. With people I like, but still. That’s a lot for someone who’s still feeling her way into the world post-pandemic. I am also planning lunch with my mother in law (much-delayed, and feeling guilty about that) so it’s going to be a socially overwhelming week for me. I might be a hermit next week. 😉

Ready… to get this week started! Have a wonderful one, whatever you are up to!

12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. As far as I know, there are no rules for the “Currently” posts… I know some people follow a link-up with suggested “currently-verbs”, but I usually just pick what’s really currently going on. I am glad you’re joining, as these post give us a snapshot glimpse into our daily lives!

    So glad to hear your parents are able to go on their beach trip (jealous! LOL) and that your family member’s health is improving. Great news!

    Two coffee dates and lunch date in one week! I would be overwhelmed, too! I hope the happiness of seeing people again will make up for the anxiety around it.

    1. Whew! I’m glad there are no rules for these posts. I like them for the “snapshot” view, too. It’s fascinating to see what other people are grappling with, or enjoying, or just thinking about. That’s why I love what I call “regular” blogging.

      One coffee date was moved to Zoom – ha! the other one was really good, although I hadn’t seen the person with whom I met for nearly 2 years, and I *completely* forgot how tall she is! (Note: she’s probably average height, but well, let’s just say I am vertically challenged…)

      I know, I’m envious of the beach trip, but SO GLAD they are there. They’re loving it, as usual. It’s their place. 🙂

  2. Moving with UPS? 😵😵 I can only imagine all the stuff they will lose! I’ve done much of the usual shopping online since the pandemic broke out and I must say that UPS…. has not impressed on me.

    Your feelings about coffee dates are interesting. I’d be interested in knowing more! Is it worry about it not being safe? Or that you’re used to not meeting people IRL? Or something else? I know that I’m very cautious about meeting people, although now after vaccine 2 I don’t mind going to friends’ houses and so on, it still depends on who it is and if that person is also cautious.

    1. I know! Can you imagine the costs, too?!?1?1? I think it’s just bonkers, personally. Here, we have the combined challenges of the shipping companies + a postal service that’s being undercut at every turn.

      With the coffee dates, it’s a combination of COVID-related anxiety (I am still not comfortable being unmasked inside in restaurants, etc.) as well as social anxiety. I have actually really appreciated the opportunity to work at home during the pandemic (I know I how lucky I am to do that). That said, when I get out there and actually meet up with people, I really do enjoy it. It’s getting myself out the door that’s the hard part! And yes, who you’re seeing and how they have approached things makes a huge difference!

      I need to read your more recent posts about other things you’ve done since vaccine #2. I’m so glad you’re able to return to your favorite places!

      1. Honestly, I haven’t done much since my 2nd vaccine! We just came back from the pub but other than that, the only thing I’ve done is to browse shops so nothing interesting!

        1. I’m glad you have gotten out of the shops, and to the pub! Those are important steps in re-entry, don’t you think? And, it must feel wonderful to do something so ‘normal’ after a year and a half that was decidedly NOT normal…

  3. That’s shocking that people move with UPS! I know moving is expensive anyway, but I’m curious how much that would cost vs a Pod?! Stinks that you have to deal with boxes all over the place though. Hope your parents enjoy their beach trip- sounds like so much fun! I always wanted to have a tradition with other couples 🙂 And enjoy your coffee dates!

    1. Isn’t that crazy?? I suspect it’s much more money than a Pod… just think of all the BOXES, too. Yeeks.
      I am envious of the beach trip – but so glad they are there (and loving it). They need this – it’s been a rough 2 years for them. And, they go not only with a couple they’ve known forever, but that couple’s family (kids, spouses, extra people, grandkids, etc.). They’ve done it for years and it’s like an extended family for them, which makes me so happy.
      Traditions like that are so much fun to establish, aren’t they? When you “always” do something with a particular person or set of people… and it just blends into your life. Hard to find, though, which makes them even more valuable, I think.

  4. Moving with UPS does sound crazy!! I don’t mail many things in general, or by UPS, so to be honest, any time I need to, I tend to feel a little bit confused. As in, how to best package it, how to know how much it will cost, which shipping option do I need….Haha! Probably one of those “adulting” activities that I sort of missed the memo on. 😉

    I hope you enjoyed your outings. I know you have been hesitant, but I’m sure you will find you enjoy getting back out there more than you thought.

    1. I know, can you even imagine? I am totally with you on the shipping thing. You should have seen me the last time I had to ship something at the PO… the clerk just looked at me rather pityingly. (Dropping off Amazon returns without having to pack them up is the best innovation ever. Seriously.)

      One outing was canceled, but the others were quite good. It’s been nice reconnecting with people, and I’m hoping to do more of that in the next few weeks.

  5. I’m as shocked as everyone else about moving by UPS. Imagine trying to organize the tracking numbers and making sure the boxes with the little used kitchen utensils actually arrives and that you don’t only realize it’s missing three months later when you need to grate some ginger?
    As I try to imagine WHY someone would do this, all I can imagine is that it’s an international move? Maybe there aren’t any pods/services that would cover a Mexico/US move? I don’t know. So strange and I want to know the backstory. Is there any way you can see what unit these boxes are going to and bring over some “welcome to the building” cookies and grill them on their moving system?

    1. Oooh, I like the idea of UPS truck stalking to figure out WHO is doing these moves. To say that the apartment manager was baffled, too, was an understatement. I just do. not. get. it.
      That said, using movers does not preclude loss of random items during a move. We shared a moving truck once and managed to come away without my spouse’s favorite jacket AND belt, and a reel lawn mower. How on earth do those 3 random things disappear together?
      I shall try to do some more digging on the UPS movers. I have enough difficulty tracking 1 package… sheesh.

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