Second thoughts

I just unpublished a long, whiny post after some second thoughts. I’m going to do some judicious editing and repost it, but… just in case there’s a broken link out there, that’s why.

(I was feeling sorry for myself, wrote a bit too much, and, well, no one needs to read all of that. :>)

6 thoughts on “Second thoughts

  1. Well, sometimes it really does help to write things out…even if we don’t share/post. Hope the process was cathartic and I’m always here to read along. I’m also suspecting it wasn’t actually whiny!!!

    1. Oh, I appreciate that, Elisabeth. But I confess – it was really pretty whiny. Think, long detailed list of my day, written specifically to highlight how little margin I have for myself in…um…my life. It could be condensed, thereby minimizing (I hope) the whininess. That’s the plan, anyway. 🙂 And honestly? It was super-cathartic. Hm. I think, before I edit it, I will copy it so I can use it as a journal entry. Thanks for always, always being here. <3

  2. Ha ha! There’s a post on my blog from a day when I was really down and I compared myself to a used Ziploc bag. I sometimes go back to that post because my pathos makes me laugh. Sometimes you just gotta get it out of you!

    1. Exactly – the catharsis was much needed. I reposted today – and it’s still pretty much the same post – but hopefully with slightly less detail and less whininess. Then again, it might be worse, for all I know! A used Ziploc bag is a great analogy. I sometimes use the phrase “limp dishrag” but maybe I need to adopt your updated version. 🙂

      1. Best analogy ever. Considering I reuse them until they fall apart, though, I’m not sure I want to get to that stage! So it’s also a warning, of sorts, for me. Don’t get so used and limp that I become completely useless! 🙂

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