Healthy Idleness

The present moment is the only one that matters…We have the choice to let go of worrying about the past, and instead, focus on the present, and the things we do have the ability to change.

Letting go isn’t about having the courage to release the past, it’s about having the wisdom to embrace the present. Steve Narbone

Try some healthy idleness… JJ (Family Friend)

Idleness – the active choice NOT to do – is really hard. I always have to be going, going, going. Sometimes, though, I get what I consider to be a signal from the Universe that maybe it’s time to take a break. Slow down.

I know that it’s a cliche to slow down in the winter. To take advantage of shorter days, longer nights, colder temperatures. But this year, it is oh so tempting to disconnect. To take the time to breathe. When I think back on all the insanity of the past 3 years – two moves, three jobs, lots of upheaval in relationships and life – it makes me think that if I don’t disconnect, I will be forced to… whether by illness, or some unanticipated significant event.

So, perhaps I won’t work a full day Monday (New Year’s Eve). Maybe tomorrow I’ll take the time to do my (fun) errands, enjoy a lunch with my mother in law, and take a nap. Because you know what? It’s okay, sometimes, to just sit. It’s okay to stare out the window without a purpose. It’s okay to NOT follow a set schedule or list of tasks all the time.

Healthy Idleness. What a concept…

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