Gratitude for last week…

I’m starting a new thing (I know! Crazy!). I joined this group called the Peaceful Posse on Facebook; it’s a bunch of bloggers who try to take a more positive perspective on life. I read several of the blogs of the leaders, and one weekly practice they have is to write and share a weekly gratitude post.
I’m not quite ready to share (I don’t know how many people I’d actually want reading my rambles!) but I do want to move into a place where I am more regularly expressing gratitude for all the good in my life. So here we go… for last week (2/10-2/16):

  • My mother in law continues to recover amazingly well from her recent femur fracture, surgery, and stint in rehab. She is a rock star. 
  • The bus drivers, plow people, and others who do their jobs so that I can get to mine. With the snow we have had this winter, this is especially clear to me! 
  • Having parents I love to talk to – and getting the opportunity to do so regularly. 
  • This is going to sound awful, but… having a concert that we were supposed to attend Tuesday (Elton John… a true bucket list item!) rescheduled to October. It’ll be on a Saturday – not a weekday – and it’s a better time of year to travel, particularly to Milwaukee. And, selfishly, I could use the time in the office. I hate to say it, but it’s true…
  • Submitting another pilot proposal last week. I’m still astonished that I seem to know what I want to do now. What a concept. 😉 
  • Ordered new towels. 
  • Caffeine. Always always always. 
  • Three wonderful meetings with students – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! Monday’s was particularly awesome – a student who is SO energetic, engaged and interested. I loved talking to her and I can’t wait to talk more. My honors student, who is also a rock star. And a student from last semester with whom I share a connection…and, dare I say it, may be becoming… a friend? 
Happy Sunday. Time to start another week… and make it as awesome as we can. 

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