The Rule of Holes

Image result for the rule of holes: if you are in a hole, stop digging
It’s Monday morning. It’s 6:30. Why do I feel like I need to start digging out, start the week over, already? I feel like I’m starting the week with the complete wrong mindset. I’m resentful that I have to go lead a meeting that I imagine will go more smoothly and be more productive than anticipated. I’m resentful that I have to attend a candidate presentation on a topic that I have less than zero interest in. I’m crabby, and digging myself into a hole of resentment, frustration, and grumpiness. And I haven’t even started the day! 
So, time to stop digging. Time to refocus and recenter and remember that even with 2 one-hour commitments today, that I will get things done. The world will keep turning, I will find something unexpectedly good in the day, and I will look back and be reminded that whenever I dread a day the most… it seems that those give back the most, as well. 
I guess we’ll see what today brings…but time to shift the mindset, the approach, the grumpy attitude. Time to stop digging – get out of my hole – and reach.

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