Staying in my lane

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I was reminded of this yesterday, when in an effort to be helpful it turned out that I was the roadblock keeping someone else from being productive and moving forward with what she needed and wanted to do. 
I often think that I can help people – and offer that help freely – but I also sometimes assume that doing something is better than “making” someone else do it. 
And that’s not always the case. 
I did spend most of the morning wallowing, of course. I dug myself out of it (kind of) by the evening, but it was a rough day and led to a less-productive day than I had hoped to have. 
So today – onward! and since I have to be in close proximity to the person who I hindered rather than helped the rest of the week, I’m going to work on staying in the background, letting her take the lead, and being helpful when asked. 

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