Who we are… who I am?

For we are the sum total of the truths by which we live…
fia skye

This one got me thinking yesterday – deep thoughts for a dreary and quite frankly very frustrating day. 
What are my truths? 
What do I know for sure? (Channeling Oprah, here…) 
What do I know to be true in my life?
It’s hard, when one does not have an established faith tradition, to identify those guideposts for life. 
I suppose that’s why you see so many people writing manifestos… they’re almost the mini-scriptures of non-Bible life. 
Perhaps I need one of my own. A summary of what I know for sure. I know that I would draw from more eloquent writers to generate mine, but I suspect that’s okay. There are elements scattered throughout the different treatises and manifestos I have read over the past few years. And all of them have something that speaks to me. 
Hm… an interesting project. Not much of a post today, more of a circling around the questions, but… definitely something to ponder. 
The Holstee Manifesto is one. Fia Skye, author of the above quote, wrote a fabulous speech called Creative Anarchy, much of which speaks to me (not just the above quote, which comes from that speech). There are others… I’ve always loved the Desiderata, since I used it at my high school graduation ceremony as our non-religious “benediction”. 
Perhaps it’s time to start pulling out the pieces of these manifestos (manifesti?) that particularly resonate with me. 
I’m grateful to have this time to reflect, to think, to ponder. I’ve realized that life doesn’t need to be lived at breakneck pace all the time (most of the time, yes, for me, but not all of the time…) and that taking the time to ponder some of the bigger questions is making me a more productive, and maybe an even more thoughtful human being. I like to think that, anyway. 😉 
And yay, it’s Friday. One of my meetings was canceled. I think I have a plan for figuring out what the heck was so frustrating about my proposal yesterday. I get to see my awesome honors student. And I plan to purge my drawers and closets this weekend, which will feel awesome. 
Time to dive in… 

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