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I am a chronic overthinker. 
Turn off my brain? Ha. Not going to happen. 
I’m trying to get better – I have tried meditating for years now and it’s starting to finally stick. At least a little bit. 
It’s hard for others to understand how my mind is constantly active. How I can never really turn it off. I wake up in the middle of the night…thinking. I get on the treadmill… thinking. I am in the shower, cooking, baking, working… thinking. 
I do get immersed in my work and in reading and that helps – probably why I do those two things so much! 
But it can be exhausting. Sometimes I just want to find the off switch and have my mind be, well, blank for a bit. But that’s not going to happen. 
So instead, I need to find my own version of Dumbledore’s penseive. I need to figure out where and when my mind calms. Being in nature helps. Concentrating helps. New experiences help. Hiking definitely helps. 
And now I need to find time to do those things. To get out more, to hike more, to disconnect more. I need to give my brain a break. 
I am working on my half-day trip list. This weekend, I am staying in town but I plan to hit up a new used book store that is having a massive sale and my favorite thrift shop, to see what has come in as the summer ends and people clean out, again. 
I wish I could just pull thoughts out through my temple with my wand.. but until that miracle happens, this will have to suffice. 
Happy Friday! Off to overthink my way through another workday. Ha. 

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