The slippery slope…

I can feel it happening already. Every academic year, I get pulled into work (work that I really and truly love) and wind up working all week + most of the weekend. And every year, I resolve that I will set aside one day (or, really, let’s be real here – most of one day) to disconnect. And every year, I break that resolution.
It started yesterday with a (wonderful) meeting with my fabulous new project assistant, a student who has rocked an independent study with me this summer. As I reviewed the projects I have in process, the goals I have for the year, I realized that, well, it’s a lot. It’s always a lot. I am a much better person when I am busy, not bored.

But. But. But.

I think – I hope? – I am learning that a bit of time away, even part of a day, is a necessary rest for my brain and body. That it makes me more productive in the long run, that it helps me refocus and actually do my job better. I know this is a hot topic these days, so if anyone is reading this, you’re probably thinking, well, duh.

But I’m a slow learner, at least on this topic. So I’m trying to figure out a way to force myself to succeed.

I’m working on learning about my not-so-new home state – beyond where I live my life. So I’m finding places that are 1-2 hours away that I have wanted to explore, but… I’ve been waiting for something? I don’t even know what. I’m starting my list today – nothing like accountability! – and I plan to try to check off at least one a month, hopefully two. The other weekends? Well, I plan to get out in the local community and find places that are “mine”. Not just Target (because let’s get real, Target is everyone’s place these days… plus it’s literally across the street) and not the grocery store or gym or other mundane everyday places. No, I’m talking about a weekend coffeeshop where I can get a treat. Or a restaurant that becomes an “old” favorite.

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Here’s hoping that having a plan to unplug and restart a bit will help me actually achieve all of those lofty goals…that this year is different, in a good way.

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