So… let’s try that again…

Second verse, same as the first?

Sigh. Yesterday went completely off the rails. Unproductive, not satisfying in any way (personal, professional, practical, etc.), and just one of those days. A Jonah day, if you will. I was definitely swallowed by the whale yesterday.

It started out okay, but then I didn’t feel 100%, wasn’t hungry (sooo not like me) and had a continuation  of my annoying and frustrating evening before. I made an error over a month ago – sent an email to the wrong person – and didn’t find out until yesterday that I did so. I didn’t get the “big” stuff done on my to do list but spent time on the unsatisfying and frustrating things. I dropped a can of seltzer and it exploded on me. I dripped tea down my front. Blah blah blah – you get the point.

So, trying again today. Because…

Image result for after all tomorrow is another day

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