Things I know

Well, really, this should be titled “things I know about myself”. Because honestly, I make no claim that I know lots of stuff. But I do know me… at least, the me that I am right now. And on that note, here’s what I know:

  • If given the chance (it’s safe, the light isn’t going to change for a long time, I want to get where I am going…), I will always, always jaywalk. You can take the girl out of West Philly but you can’t take away her impressive jaywalking abilities. 
  • I am a morning person. But I worked straight night shifts for years and actually loved it. In “real life”, I love the morning because so few people are up and around. It was the same on night shift in the ICU. That’s when the docs tried to sleep, and so did the parents. Nurses had autonomy that we simply didn’t have during the day when so many other people around making decisions. 
  • I get up ridiculously early. As in, it’s kind of embarrassing and I’m not going to share the exact time. But I have done this for years. I get 6.5+ hours of sleep a night, which is perfect for me. (Not for you! but for me, yes) And what I don’t get is that it’s perfectly acceptable to sleep from midnight to 6 am, but shift that a few hours earlier? and people think you’re the weirdest person to ever walk the face of the earth. 
  • I love to read. And this summer I have been in a bit of a rut, reading fluff. I’m starting to add a few non-fluff books back in and I’m reminded of why I actually like them. I think my brain just needed a break, to be honest. 
  • I love what I do, but right now I have the most education and experience I have ever had, I am working the most I ever have (and I do love it) and I am making less money than I did when I had my entry-level degree and was working shift work. I can’t say this is the smallest salary I’ve ever earned (I had fellowships in graduate school that put me – if I had been single – just above the poverty line… fortunately the health insurance was fantastic…). 
  • I love to travel, but prepping for travel seriously stresses me out. As does worrying about what will happen en route or when I get there. But when I do get there, and everything is fine? I love it. But I also love my routine. Balance, I guess. And fortunately I don’t get the opportunity to travel that much. 😉 
OK, enough for today. But six things about me that I know are true. Oh! One more – inspired by the dozens of cupcakes left over from our “welcome back” picnic yesterday. 
  • I really hate forced social interactions (see “welcome back” picnic). I like my coworkers but I don’t want to be forced to interact with them in a situation that never feels normal. So I skipped out, for the third year. Now to see if anyone says anything… 
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. ~Aristotle

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