Per aspera ad astra… revisited

Per Aspera Ad Astra (White) Art Print

I know I used this one before – although it was months ago, and it’s not like anyone out there is keeping track (at least, I don’t think anyone is!).

And yes, it’s definitely appropriate for this October. As a side note, Octobers seem to hate me. I don’t know what it is but this month has it in for me. Seriously.

Seven years ago, it was two emergency surgeries and a long road of IV antibiotics.

This year, well, it’s a whole slew of things. Sigh. My father’s going through medical stuff. I think I might be starting to give up on a long-term relationship. And now I’m dealing with a recurrent infection that has made me completely inactive for nearly 2 weeks (I am going nuts with this) and on different antibiotics, etc.

Oh, and I had a grant due.

But November starts Friday. And honestly, I’m looking forward to it. A new month, a fresh start. Hoping to feel more like myself as the month shifts and the seasons do, as well. (Let’s just say we have skipped fall here and moved straight from summer to winter… as in, it snowed last night… it’s October 29th, in case you were wondering.)

So, truly, through adversity to the stars. I guess I need these down times to remind me of how good the other times are? At least, I hope that’s the lesson.

Onward. Upward – I hope. Time to leave this month behind and start anew.

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