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Image by Beth Hendrickson Logan 

I am trying to remember to smile at the rain today. 
Yesterday was a Jonah day, as my college roommate used to say. You know, some days the whale eats you and there’s nothing you can do about it but, well, wait. 
It was a Sunday of Suck. Seriously. 
Just a bunch of little annoying, frustrating, and (in one case) tragic things. 
Fruit fly infestation. Stinky trash probably the culprit but my god, there were so many of them.
Research proposal not discussed. Feeling as though I’m a poser at work – despite my passion and love for research, I have not made significant progress in years. Years. So now what? 
My microwave – which I literally use all day, every day – died last night. 
The tragedy, though, overshadowed them all. A staff member where I work died suddenly over the weekend. Completely unexpected. One of those people who just did her job, did it well, and helped whenever she could. It’s horrible – the week of Thanksgiving? Really? and I cannot even imagine what her family is going through. 
It reminded me that my ‘problems’ are small. 
That I can still smile at the rain. 
That I’ll find a way through this all (dear god, I hope I find a way to get rid of the damn fruit flies sooner rather than later…). 
And that life is too short, really, to focus on this stuff. 

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