No response is still a response

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I sent someone important to me a long and heavy email. I asked a lot of questions in the email, and also asked for them to respond. 
That was a month ago. 
They have not yet responded. 
And this is what keeps going through my mind… that not responding is a response. And that it means a lot that this person has not prioritized this or taken the time to respond. It took a lot for me to write and send that email. There were some potentially life-changing questions in there. 
I’ll be honest – the non-response is in line with how this person deals with heavy things: avoidance. And it’s one of the reasons I’m thinking of seriously changing our relationship. They have found plenty of time for other activities, other interests, other people in the last month. They just haven’t had time to respond thoughtfully to my email. And that hurts. 
I guess now I have my answer. Even if I get one in the next few days (which, honestly, I don’t think will happen…) it’s going to be colored by the fact that they took so long to respond.

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