The pity party ends now

Good grief. I have been wallowing in how terrible I feel with this ongoing health issue, how much it’s limited me, what I can’t do, blah blah blah.

And I am tired of myself. So the pity party is ending today. Yes, my foot still hurts. Yes, I’m still being treated. That doesn’t mean I’m helpless or hopeless. (I hope!)

One thing I have always had pride in is my ability to just deal with all the crap that happens and move on. Roadblocks and hurdles happen to everyone – I am not special because I am dealing with this, trust me. And others have it a whole lot worse.

Time to suck it up and move on. It will get better. Just because I’m not 100% right now doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do what I CAN. I can’t go to the gym. Fine. I can stretch and do sit-to-stands on a chair to regain some of my lost muscle mass. (And it’s a lot – that’s what triggered this this morning – realizing just how much muscle and fitness I have lost over the last 3+ weeks…sigh) I can do that morning and evening. There is nothing that says I can’t stretch or stand up, right? And eventually, I will get back to the gym, and I will build that muscle back up. My stamina is starting to come back – thanks to my appetite being back, too.

So, time to get over myself. Time to end the pity party. Moving on.

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