Ah, the best laid plans and all that

After that post last Monday, I proceeded to have one of my worst days ever.

I had the wrong date for a guest lecture.

It snowed. A lot.

My leg hurt. A lot.

I got to nothing on my to-do list.

It was a mess.

So the restart happened later last week, not Monday. But now, I am finally, finally, finally feeling more like myself. Being sick sucks. I am the worst sick person on the face of the planet. Really. I hate it.

And yet, the past three days, I’ve had so much more energy. I’ve moved more, gone back to taking the bus to work, and even started with some mini-workouts. My appetite is better, the brain fog is gone, and I feel like I can actually tackle the four-page to-do list I have.

Sometimes, I guess it just takes time. When you’re impatient, as I am, and when you hate being sick, as I do, then a long illness and recovery period is one of the most frustrating things on earth.

But sometimes I also have to realize that taking the time to heal, to really come back to myself, is more beneficial than trying to fight the illness in the first place.

Lessons learned. Plans change. Life’s curveballs don’t take grant deadlines or other obligations into account. They just come at you. And I think I might finally be learning how to hit a curveball… finally.

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