Down the rabbit hole…

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I consider myself a pretty focused person. But man, there are times when I just go down the rabbit hole –  sometimes for personal stuff, sometimes for work stuff – and just can’t dig myself out. And then I look up and 20 minutes has gone by and… whoops. 
Which means that the undone things on my to-do list are, well, mostly undone thanks to my own ability to distract myself.
To be fair, this doesn’t happen often. And when it’s related to work, it usually leads to some benefit – unearthing a good article for my research, or finding a new resource for a class. 
But other times? It’s just a time suck. I’d like to be better about staying OUT of said rabbit hole. Perhaps I should make my word of the year next year “Focus”? Or, hm. I kind of like “Determination”. I am determined to make changes in my personal life (definitely) and in my path in my professional life (not changing the path, just determined that I will succeed). 
Determination. Focus. Rabbit holes, begone. 
(Can you tell I just spent time down one?)

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