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I feel like I’m being pulled in two different directions and I’m not sure, sometimes, which is the right one for me. 
One way is familiar, well-traveled, and in many ways frustrating. 
The other way is unknown, a bit frightening, and full of possibility. 
I desperately want to follow the second way, but am feeling pulled back to the easy, familiar, well-worn path of the first. 
I know that I can change my destination – but when that involves getting other people on board, who aren’t willing to do that, what can I do? Act on my own? Delay making changes that I want – I think I need – in my life? 
I think this gets harder the older I get – the more entrenched my habits and routines are. The more well-worn that path is. 
Denial certainly isn’t working. 
There isn’t a neat and tidy end to this post… there’s simply the ambiguity and the challenge of being stuck between two options, and not yet being able (or, perhaps, willing?) to make a choice… 

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