Unexpected enjoyment

You know when you’re dreading something (say, a long meeting on a busy day…) and then it unexpectedly turns out to be interesting, and informative, and something you end up enjoying despite yourself?
That happened yesterday, in the middle of a crazy and busy day that was filled with unanticipated detours. I was scheduled for a training from 10:30-12, and I was not looking forward to it. Bad attitude, perhaps, but we are all trying to get things done before classes start next week, and, well, we’re all a bit frustrated with the number of meetings scheduled for this week and next. 
It had a rather inauspicious beginning, as the person leading the meeting wasn’t there even a few minutes early, and the room was locked and dark. But we found her, and the training started, and it was more interesting than I thought it would be. A good conversation with other faculty I know but not well, and with two meeting leaders who were willing to make it a conversation and not a lecture. 
It reminded me that sometimes no matter how much I dread something, the reality turns out to be much better than anticipated. Sometimes, of course, things go sideways and end up being worse than anticipated… but I prefer when I come out of a meeting, or training, or whatever, and find myself smiling when I’d expected to be frustrated. 
Here’s hoping I can take that attitude to today’s afternoon meeting… another long one… 

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