Seeking Peace…Or Trying To

So, I kind of stink at meditating. That whole empty your mind thing, or even the alternative of noticing my thoughts and letting them go, is really hard for me. I want to write my to do list, my grocery list, get started on what I need to do. But I try to take some space for me every day – whether it is quiet breathing, writing here, or journaling in my regular journal or commonplace book (where I keep my quote collection). And that helps. It helps me know that I’m not ALL about work. That there are other things for me to focus on, and to remember.

But sometimes? It’s just so hard to take that time – even if it’s only 20 minutes. And then I have to remind myself that when I do NOT take that time? Those days are inevitably even more chaotic and disruptive than I thought they might be.

So I take the time. I listen to music I like (which I then turn off when I get down to the work-work of the day). And then I focus, knowing that I am slightly better for those 20 minutes of me-time.

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