Squirrel Brain

Much of the time I’m able to completely focus on what needs to be done, and I get it done.
The only way out is through, in so many cases.

And then there are the (thankfully brief) times in my life when I have what I refer to as “squirrel brain”. You know, when a dog catches a glimpse of a squirrel and immediately their attention shifts to the squirrel, and then maybe to the shiny object just down the street, and oh, look, something smelly for me to get into!

In other words, my brain is all over the place recently.

That’s not to say that I can’t focus… but sometimes, I feel like I am focusing on the wrong things.

It’s a busy time at work. We have the COVID-19 virus to worry about. I’ve had to cancel 2 trips because of that – and now worry that I won’t be able to use the flight credits within a year (because, honestly, who knows how this thing will look in a year?). The election…and, honestly, the future of our country. My parents’ health and well-being. My relationship. My career – especially my upcoming annual review. Meetings. Interview for staff positions and faculty positions. More meetings.


And on and on it goes. I know that it will end, eventually, but man, it drives me bonkers until it does. I prefer my typically-focused self, and this squirrel brain self? Well, it feels like tight, itchy, underwear, to be honest. You know how when something just doesn’t fit right, and it’s all you can think about? That’s where I am with this.

Trying to get through to the end… and I guess in this case, the only way out really is through.

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