Another old favorite…

Going back to another old favorite for comfort in what are unsettling, uncertain times…

per aspera ad astra (~through adversity to the stars)

This has been a favorite quote of mine since I first heard it a year or so ago. It can mean so many things, in so many different contexts, but it seems particularly relevant now.

I didn’t have a great week last week. I was worried about students, about my own health and that of my family members, about my current relationship and the ever spinning question of what to do, and how to move forward, and if that is even the best choice.


It wasn’t a fun week.

Fortunately, things are looking up this week, despite the weather (you have to love the upper Midwest in the “spring”… yesterday we had 34, winds up to 20 mph, and snow showers… just as a reminder, it IS mid-April!). Taking action on many of these things (well, not the relationship one, I’m still struggling with that…) helped a lot.

And this quote, arriving in my inbox on Monday, reminded me that no matter what adversity we face, individually or collectively, we will get through. The stars will shine. Life goes on. Going through adversity, difficult times, challenging periods in our lives? We all have that. But those times pass, and that’s what I was forgetting last week. I was mired in a never ending cycle of negativity.

Fortunately, I made it out of that, and am starting to see the stars again. I hope they are out, or come out soon, for you, too.

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