Serendipity or…

I’ve noticed recently that I am encountering serendipitous situations, or books, or quotes, or… well, any number of things, at just the right time. I’m not saying this well – but I do think that the universe puts what we need at any given moment in front of us – but it is up to us to recognize it, to use it or engage with it or read it or … well, whatever one should do with whatever it is.

I don’t know if serendipity is the right term, but it seems kind of appropriate? This came to mind yesterday when I flew through the last section of “Man’s Search for Meaning”, an unbelievably powerful book that I have somehow never read before.

You know when you’re reading a book and you find yourself wanting to underline or highlight or quote every page?

That. It was that kind of engagement with a book. The kind where you gasp out loud (at least I do!) and say to yourself, yes, THAT.

I’ve tried to find a quote that aligns with this … perspective? this happening? this occurrence? And I can’t come up with one. I can’t come up with a word, either, other than serendipity (as is apparent from this post). But it’s such a powerful force in my life right now that I can’t help but recognize it, and call it out, and really, truly savor it. I don’t know if it’s the forced isolation, or the many changes in our daily lives in the last month, but… well, whatever it is, somehow what I need at any given time is there for the taking, if I only know enough to recognize it.

The best option came from a book I haven’t yet read (but perhaps I should…):

“The right book exactly, at exactly the right time.” ― Robin Sloan, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore  

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