Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire ...
I love this quote. It’s one of the first ones I put in one of my notebooks. At the time, it was a reminder to myself as I embarked on a new (and completely wrong for me) job. Now, though, it means even more – once I left that job, I realized that finding what I loved to do, not what other people thought I should do, was the most important thing. 
Many people didn’t understand why I left that job – better pay, closer to family, less stressful (well, kind of….it was just stressful in different ways), what wasn’t to like? 
Well, I didn’t like the job. I couldn’t pursue what set my soul on fire. 
So  I found a position where I could do that. And for this week and next, I get to immerse myself in a course that I love, on a topic that I love… I am reminded, every day, of why I got into this in the first place. Why I have made the (inexplicable to others) decisions I have throughout my life. Why I’ve always been the weirdo who loves a topic that most others in my position don’t. 
Other to-do’s fall by the wayside. I can focus solely on this every single day. For two whole weeks.
Off to set my soul on fire for another day…

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