I am finally returning to “real life” (such as it is these days…) after my two-week immersion course.


I am fried. Mentally and physically. You wouldn’t think that it would be hard to take an online two-week course, but wow. This one required full engagement, all day, every day. (I had to work through last weekend in order to not fall terribly behind in the course, or the rest of my life, so did not get any kind of time off…) 
And I love the content. I love learning. Perpetual studenthood really is my ultimate career goal. I also  chose to do this course – which, of course, I was supposed to attend in person (hello, 2020) – and I am so, so glad I did. I learned so much, and was reminded of what truly sets my heart on fire. I need those little reminders now and then. 
But oh, my. Facing the, well, rather daunting task of digging out makes me want to go back to the beginning and take the course over again. Ha. 
So, yeah, that’s not an option. 
Which means that it’s time to get started. Somehow, tomorrow is August 1st. Time, it seems, passes even faster when one is fully engaged with something and paying less attention to the minutiae of typical life. 
Off to tackle my inbox. And my to do list. And… yeah. I’m not going to think about all of that. Instead, I’ll remember how wonderful the past two weeks were – even though I had to experience them from my apartment. I’ll hold close the reminders of why I love what I do. And, hopefully, move forward with some renewed energy and passion. 
Time to get started. 

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